Turkey is a country without equal, both in terms of its unique location in the world, and the natural and historical beauties it offers. Almost resembling a part of paradise itelf, Turkey is a peninsula surrounded with seas on three sides. Thanks to its unique location on the world, it is possible to experience all the wonders of the four seaasons.

With its deep blue sea, countless important historical artifacts and nature, Turkey amazes everyone. With its extreme sport centers which include skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping and rafting, ancient cities, historical locations such as Ephesus and Gallipoli Peninsula, natural paradises like Lake Egirdir, Butterfly Valley, and Yayla Ayder, Turkey offers a special vacation, accompanied by the dazzling beauty of the Bosphorus which connects Europe and Anatolia.

Things You Will Get to Try Out in Turkey

  • Follow in the footsteps of the Ottoman sultans in İstanbul,
  • Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Ölüdeniz,
  • Discover the Ancient Wonders of the Roman civilization in Ephesus,
  • Participate in scuba diving in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea,
  • Do walking to discover the fascinating parts of Cappadocia,
  • See fairy chimneys from above as the sun goes down,
  • Witness the sundown on Mount Nemrut,
  • Rejuvenate in the hot springs of Pamukkale,
  • Witness history with the famed Trojan Horse,
  • Taste the traditional flavours of the Turkish cuisine,
  • Celebrate the coming of spring with the Tulip Festival,
  • Walk on the Lycian Way while savoring amazing views,
  • Regenerate your body in the world famous Turkish hamams,
  • Enjoy Turkey’s passion for coffee and fortune-telling.
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